Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli

chorus director

Santiago, Argentinian-Italian is an Orchestra and Choir conductor, composer and scholar of music, theological & philosophical traditions of the East and West. Dr. Lusardi Girelli has worked as a choir and orchestra conductor and lecturer in more than 20 countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia for the last 20 years. He is a Master degree in Philosophy-Theology, he has two Master degrees in Orchestra Conduction and Choir Conduction (ARGENTINA & SPAIN), and a PhD in Aesthetics and Philosophy by the University of Seville (a 500 year-old University, Spain). In 2017 he has published his Thesis on Buddhist Phenomenology and Ritualism linking Western Music Tradition as the result of seven years of research.
            Santiago has conducted choirs and orchestras around the world throughout more than 400 concerts. His enthusiasm, leadership and passion for music and philosophy have led him to achieve several important projects that have earned him the esteem of the local and international press alike. Santiago has been involved in a wide range of projects around the globe as researcher, music director and lecturer conductor as the worldwide known EL SISTEMA in Latin America for more 5 years; and as and artistic director he has released more than 30 album productions, and conducted hundreds of symphonic, choral, opera and musical concerts.
            Nowadays, Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli holds the Anthony Gonsalves Chair as Visiting Research Professor at the Goa University in India working as lecturing professor and conductor of the Goa University Choir. He also collaborates as Lecturer, Composer and Guest Conductor with different Universities and professional orchestras from South America,  Africa, Europe and India.
Read More... A keen musicologist, Dr. Lusardi Girelli has initiated several steps in music appreciation round the world. He regularly delivers lectures, pre-concert talks, pen articles and program notes for different projects in Europe, Latin America and India, and has published articles on several magazines, symposiums and congresses. He has been committed to many educational initiatives that helped bringing classical music to young children including the music performance programs initiated by the University of Seville, which provides local talents the possibility to flourish at internationally recognized standards. He did several researches on Buddhist phenomenology and ritualism, Baroque Vocal Music of Moxos and Chiquitania´s archives in Latin America, Orchestral Conducting techniques, Composition, and conducted several brand-new musical pieces with his “Seville Chamber Choir & Baroque Ensemble” (Spain).
            He studied with several renamed composers and conductors and art & music celebrities round the world such as Martin Palmeri (Argentina), José Carlos Carmona (Spain), Antonio Abreu (Venezuela), A. Alonso (France), Julio Domínguez (Spain) G. Céspedes (Colombia), N. Andrenacci (Argentina), W. Ptaff (Germany), and vocal performance with Mirella Frenni (Italy).
Dr. Lusardi Girelli leads in addition an intense activity in the scope of International Cooperation, as the director and founder of the cooperation group Social Development through Music & Arts which has achieved since 2008 more than 20 cooperation works in different regions of South America, Africa and India and hosted more than 100 volunteers. The Cooperation work attends children and young people pedagogically and offers education to young teachers of different music programs in 3 continents.
           Furthermore his work as Chair Visiting Professor at Goa University (India), currently Santiago is nowadays Resident Conductor of the Seville Chamber Choir and Orchestra (since March 2010) and Guest Principal Conductor of the “Seville Symphony Orchestra Hispalense” (Spain). He has been Assistant Hon. Professor at the University of Seville (2010-2017) and Director for International Cooperation Programs on Art-Music and Education – Social Development Project trough Arts.  
He is Creator and Artistic director of the Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, a project of musical and artistic coexistence -a space where the language of music becomes a bridge to connect and foster dialogue among cultures- based in India since 2015 in the UNESCO Heritage city of Old Goa.