Your guide to the perfect date in Mumbai this season

The recipe for the perfect date comprises three essential ingredients - a whole lot of conversation, with a sprinkle of food, topped with a dressing of entertainment. Here’s how you can cook up the perfect date to make the most of this season!

  1. The Icebreaker

    If you’ve been in or around Mumbai, you’ve certainly  heard of the famous ‘Nariman Point’ and all its glamorous beauty. It’s where most love stories begin, puppies run free, and the ocean meets the sky - needless to say, it’s the ideal location for a romantic date. Kick off your date with a breezy stroll along the sea and let the sunset guide your conversation, it’s  the perfect icebreaker! Your conversation can sail pretty smoothly from adoring Mumbai’s evergrowing skyline, to the busy streets of maximum city. Work up an appetite as you amble down the waterfront so that you’re both ready for phase two - the meal.

  2. The Meal

    Marine drive hosts a plethora of food options - from streetside chaat, to healthy salad bars, and fine dining options too. Depending on the vibe, you can  walk your way to any of the above within a few minutes. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of places we recommend and how you can reach there -
    Saboro (Salad bar)
    The Cafe @ NCPA (Casual dining)
    Sassy spoon (Bar and casual dining)
    Izaya (Fine dining)


  3. The Entertainment

    Here’s where it gets really interesting. You’re already dolled up and dressy for your date and you’re in the vicinity of one of a world-class orchestra. The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is home to the Symphony Orchestra of India. Located  at the southern tip of the city, the NCPA has five theatres that will mesmerise you with their interiors and performances that attract audiences from world over. The western classical orchestra, known for its internationally renowned musicians and tours around the globe, is a must watch!
    You can get your passes online ( for the SOI from the 4th to the 16th of September. And don’t forget to dive into a glass of cold coffee during the intermission, it’s an absolute must!